Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Asuka Strikes!"

I really wish people understood the meaning of "I can't come, sorry, I'm broke." It's not an affront to you, I promise. I really have to choose between seeing you for after dinner drinks and being able to eat this week. Please take my financial crisis at face value. No means no.

Man, do I hate instant ramen.

Things I've achieved in the last month:
Christmas temp job at Lush, starting on the 18th.
Skyped my family.
Ate some actual food sometimes.
Drank lots of water.
Learned to substitute peppermint tea for food.
Went to Bath.

Things I've had to do in the last month:
Beg my already opposite-of-rich mother for money so I won't be homeless.
Skip at least one meal a day, often two, because I can't afford to eat.
Live at a deficit of at least £650 a month on already dwindling savings.

Things I have to do in the next month:
Find an admin job and actually earn some money.
Save for rent for November and December.
Try and eat at least twice a day (oh to dream).
Move back home and label myself as the failure that I am.

Being an adult sucks balls.

Why do we never get taught these skills at school? Why don't they teach us how to cheer ourselves up, how to make a meal for less money, how to budget better, how to not be miserable...?

Seriously, nobody needs to know how to use a stem and leaf graph. Teach me what to say to someone whose parent just died, teach me how to console someone with heartbreak, teach me how to earn enough so I can provide for my ageing mother.

Teach me something useful. Because seriously, adulthood is an asshole.